Simple & Funky: Wish List

Wish List

The Erin Wasson collection for Low Luv. So expensive but so loveable.

YSL shoes. Tribute II and Imperiale got these!

I'd LOVE to have something like that, though I'd probably never wear it by day. But yeah, I guess I have the sense of humour!

Balenciaga City Black. No need to say more.

Yves Saint Laurent Muse II Bag - my dream!

Fringed Tights, stripper style!

Black 8 holes Dr Martens got them!

American Apparel Tri-Blend Tank Tops. Lots of them. They're just the best tank tops!

Alexander Wang Dree Fringed Stilletos !

Alexander Wang Daria Handbag

Alexander Wang Bra

Slouchy Knitted Sweater by Topshop

Kate Boots by Zadig & Voltaire

Samson ring by Adeline Affre

Lita by Jeffrey Campbell!

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